See what great things our customers and their chickens have to say!

- A Coven of Crackling Hens

"I have a little crossbeak named Francesca. She can't eat regular crumble, so I make her smoothies. About a week ago I started adding some Grubblies. She has a hard time putting on weight, keeping it on and she doesn't grow feathers in as fast as most. While I was bathing her today (she gets quite dirty from eating her smoothies) I noticed an amazing amount of pin feathers! I know it is from all the extra protein from the Grubblies! Thank you so much!"

- Keri, City Girl Farming

"My hens gave an enthusiastic 10 feathers up. They LOVED them."

- Shannon

"Thank you Grubbly Farms!! They love it!!"

- Linda

"I have been buying meal worms for years now. Not paying a lot of attention to them . Find on the bag is says from China. How sad. So I ordered Grubbies. I gave them some yesterday for the first. they kind of just looked at them and I thought....ok they know they are different. I'd have been disappointed had they just munched them down like they did the others. But they KNEW! They could tell there was a difference and in a good way! I have put them side by side and they picked the Grubbies!!!! YAY!!!!"