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A Nutritious Daily Snack for Chickens

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Ingredients: Oven-dried Black Soldier Fly Grubs, Farm-grown in the USA

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Delivers Daily Nutrients


34% Min
Helps grow healthy protective


3% Max
Aids with healthy egg and bone production.

Dietary Fat

32% Min
Provides energy, helps absorb nutrients, and stimulates cell growth.


0.8% Min
Ensures appropriate calcium nutrition for laying hens.


1.1% Min
Synthesizes proteins, and encourages healthy egg production.


10% Max
Promotes healthy digestion and can alleviate a number of illnesses.

Feeding Guide

How much do I need?

1-5 Chickens: 1 lb for about 1 month supply
6-10 Chickens: 2 lbs for about 1 month supply
20-25 Chickens: 5 lbs for about 1 month supply
20-25 Chickens: 10 lbs for about 2 month supply

How much should I feed?

Grubblies are daily nutritious snack that should comprise 5 to 10% of your flock's diet, or a small handful per chicken daily. Begin feeding Grubblies to chicks at 3 weeks old for healthy feather growth.

"Our girls’ protein-rich, delicious eggs are sought after by bakers because (thanks to Grubblies) their cakes are fluffier and their meringues peaks are higher & stiffer!"

-Fallen Oak Farms

100% Natural, Oven-dried
Black Soldier Fly Grubs

Healthier Feathers

Protein-packed for healthy feather production. Helps speed up molting to regain normal energy and egg output. Hello beautiful, protective feathers!

Stronger Eggshells

50x more calcium than mealworms to prevent deformed eggs and promote stronger shells that won’t break before getting to the kitchen. Let’s get cookin’!

Safer for your Flock

100% farm-grown in the USA under USDA regulations. 0% China-grown Product. No Preservatives. No Additives. 100% Pure Grub Love Goodness.

You'll LOVE Grubblies!

Grubblies are a nourishing, natural daily snack that will get your chickens clucking for joy! Just as cluck-worthy? Our USA-grown grubs provide the essential proteins and minerals to keep your chickens healthy and happy.

Experience the Joy of a Daily
Grubblies Snack!


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